How to Remove Key for Consulting Business Finance WordPress Theme


Consulting Finace WordPress Theme need registration to Install Demos and premium plugins,

how to bypass or remove the key for consulting theme?


For Consulting v3:

In the file consulting/admin/includes/theme.php around line 39 find function stm_get_token() {

Straight after it add:

Now refresh the wordpress admin dashboard and the theme will be activated and you can install everything.



For Consulting v4

In the file consulting/admin/includes/theme.php
After line 43 which is function stm_check_auth() {

Now you can use any key to activate the theme.

However, there are now api checks for various things…
STM Importer plugin and STM Post Types plugin cannot be installed with just a null… they are returned only after a license check. Other plugins (including premium plugins) install fine. So, somebody needs to supply those plugins every time there is an update (latest versions are always set to required).
Demo content also can’t be installed with just a simple null. However, we can edit the code to be able to install locally.

First off, these are the demo zip files

Now installing demo content will install from the local files and won’t attempt to get them from the api server.

One last thing… in the stm_importer plugin, you’ll want to comment out lines 235-250 (line nunbers correct for stm importer plugin v4.0) because it pings their api server with your website address everytime you install demo content.
They even label it Analytics in the file!

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