Woocommerce Brands Extensions v1.4.8

Last Updated on July 5, 2016

Woocommerce Brands


Woocommerce Brands Extensions v1.4.8 Download

Create, assign and list product brands

The brands extension for WooCommerce allows you to create brands for your shop; each brand can be named, described and assigned an image. Brands can then be:

  • Listed, indexed, on a page using a special A-Z shortcode
  • Displayed as thumbnails on a page using a shortcode
  • Displayed in the sidebar using a widget
  • Assigned to a product
  • Used to filter products using a special layered nav widget

After assigning brands to products, the layered nav widget allows customers to filter products by brand. Also, since brands are a taxonomy, you can browse by brand. The archive template can optionally show the brand description, or you can use a widget instead.

A useful feature is the A-Z shortcode which lets you list your brands on their own page and makes finding brands easy:


*** Brands Changelog ***

2016.06.30 – version 1.4.8
- Fix – Wrong count of products within certain terms.

2016.06.23 – version 1.4.7
* Fix – Only filter out categories during a brand query.

2016.06.15 – version 1.4.6
* Fix – Layered Nav widget dropdown option not layering on top of categories.
* Fix – WC 2.6 compatibility issues.
* Tweak – Correctly show brands as singular context when only 1 brand is attached.

2016.03.21 – version 1.4.5
* Fix – Widget issue causing 404 when selected brand has pagination and selecting a second without.
* Fix – Admin product type filter dropdown missing.

2016.02.25 – version 1.4.4
* Fix – Deprecated WP_Widget constructor
* Enhancement – Add brands column to the products list table to allow sorting by brand.

2016.01.07 – version 1.4.3
* Fix – Thumbnails shortcode not properly aligning thumbnails when show_empty is false

2015.12.02 – version 1.4.2
* Fix – Undefined variable: fluid_columns in brand-thumbnails.php
* Fix – Added fluid_columns field in brand thumbnails widget
* Fix – Shortcodes not working in taxonomy description
* Enhancement: Product Shortcode
* Enhancement: Filter by brand in the dashbard







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